At a per point cost slightly more than a industrial vinyl tag and a deployed system price less than a single purpose instrument calibrator, you can add sealed, stainless steel, 32 kb digital tags, containing easily managed configuration, inspection,and maintenance event information to ALL of your different types of maintained equipment: pumps, motors, valves, instruments, etc. Store the information locally or upload it immediately to your asset manager or maintenance database software. In addition, why not make your standard maintenance forms interactive and paperless? Once completed, email them directly from the work site. How about having your maintenance library where you need it, at the job? If you are looking for a practical information solution that’s affordable and can be implemented today, look no further.   Handles all types of industrial equipment. Store information on digital tags, local drive, wireless network or email directly to asset manager or maintenance software.    Return to BD_MIT Home Page Learn More About BD_MIT Products Learn More About BD_MIT Maintenance Solutions View Screen Shots of BD_MIT Software Learn More About BD_MIT Tags Phone and Email Contact Information Find Out More About Black Diamond Engineering © Copyright Black Diamond Engineering, Inc.. All Rights Reserved 2010  We believe in solving industrial problems and not adding to them. BD_MIT™ is an easy to learn, easy to use, industrial tool.  Over 80% of Asset Manager deployments fail due to the lack of timely, accurate equipment descriptions and inspections.   One of those tools is information.  How much time and effort do you spend trying to find current specifications, maintenance histories and manufacturer installation or repair information? Do you have the information that you need, when you need it? Where you need it? Return to BD_MIT Home Page