© Copyright Black Diamond Engineering, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2010  Return to BD_MIT Home Page Learn More About BD_MIT Products Learn More About BD_MIT Maintenance Solutions View Screen Shots of BD_MIT Software Learn More About BD_MIT Tags Phone and Email Contact Information Find Out More About Black Diamond Engineering Black Diamond Engineering, Inc. For over 16 years, we have offered real world solutions to real world industrial problems. Many know us for our world class BenchMark Control Valve Diagnostics  tool, our diagnostics training courses, control valve simulators and consulting services to the independent control valve service industry and valve end-users. While working with our valve diagnostics customers, it became apparent to us that the time for the 1930’s unchangeable, riveted on, metal equipment tag had passed. It was time for something better. Something smarter. In early 2009, we offered a product called valveTag which was a ground breaking digital valve tagging system fully integrated into our BenchMark Control Valve Diagnostics tool. This tag provided a complete valve description, record of the latest valve inspection and linked directly to the valve record in the BenchMark data base. When demonstrating the valveTag system to our customers, they consistently asked the same question, “Can I apply these tags to my other maintenance equipment?” BD_MIT was born. The rest as they say, is history. Find Out More About Black Diamond Engineering