The following scenario is specific to control valves but it is just as true for many other types of production critical devices. “After your repair, am I going to get my control valve back the way I want it?” It’s a perfectly reasonable question. If you ask your control valve manufacturer or service vendor, you’ve likely heard the explanation, “We repair your valve to meet the specifications of the metal tag riveted to the side of the actuator.”, quickly followed a recital of a long list of certifications and quality standards. You need the control valve to work and know full well that the valve configuration may have changed the first time the valve was installed. Besides that, they didn’t give you any way of updating or changing the scribed metal tag. In fact, they riveted it on! Current device configuration is often buried in some file, stored in someone’s head or maybe written on the wall somewhere. © Copyright Black Diamond Engineering, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2010  Return to BD_MIT Home Page Learn More About BD_MIT Products Learn More About BD_MIT Maintenance Solutions View Screen Shots of BD_MIT Software Learn More About BD_MIT Tags Phone and Email Contact Information Find Out More About Black Diamond Engineering Sure, valve vendors know you need the information and more importantly to keep it current. Their solution - sell you a digital positioner to store the information in. Aside from the fact that not all your valves need them, and positioners are a component that may fail, it is a very expensive solution. Detailed Tag Specifications 32 kb Storage, locally on each tag 304 Series Stainless Steel Hermetically Sealed, IP56 -40 to 85 deg C (-40 to 185 deg F) Industrial Mounting Options 100,000+ Write Cycle Endurance 10+ Year Service Life 15 kVolt Built-in ESD Protection Designed to meet US#913 (4th Edition);  Intrinsically Safe Apparatus: Under Entity Concept for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group A B C and D Locations. Certification Pending Learn More About BD_MIT Tags