Equipment Tag Replacement Metal equipment tags are outdated 1930’s technology, hard to read, impossible to change and limited in information content.  More. . . Maintenance Supervisor Empowerment Give the maintenance supervisor the communication, information and computer tools needed at the job site.   More. . . Reliability Inspections Equipment inspections can be completed, quickly, accurately and effectively. Supervisor spends time on analysis not paperwork.  More. .  Asset Manager Data Entry Up to 80% of expensive Asset Manager deployments fail because of inaccurate or out of date equipment information.  More. . .     Click thumbnail for details Return to BD_MIT Home Page Learn More About BD_MIT Products Learn More About BD_MIT Maintenance Solutions View Screen Shots of BD_MIT Software Learn More About BD_MIT Tags Phone and Email Contact Information Find Out More About Black Diamond Engineering Equipment Tag Replacement  Simply put, metal tags are an obsolete way of documenting equipment specifications. Maintenance workers should be able to walk up to any piece of equipment and have immediate access to the information needed to maintain it. Production critical equipment should arrive at the loading dock with the needed information readily available in digital format for review. When equipment passes incoming inspection, the digital information can be immediately uploaded to the reliability database or asset manager . BD_MIT tags can easily and economically store device specification, incoming inspection and maintenance events for the life of the equipment.   © Copyright Black Diamond Engineering, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2010 Learn More About BD_MIT Maintenance Solutions